Constant innovation, without fear of new challenges!

We at OpenDoor engage in WEB services through the internet.

The origin of our company name is from my strong ambition to keep our doors open, and continuously challenge possibilities in new fields.

Since the establishment of the company in April 1997, we have continued to steadily expand the growth of the business, and the foundation is from our belief to continue to pursue the quality of our services, without compromise, through the eyes of our customers.

Among that, our main service, "Travelko", has often been brought up by the media, and from the number of our clients, suppliers and the number of products they provide to us we have acquired a wide range of support which has made us one of the largest comparison sites in Japan.

We at OpenDoor, will strive to deliver maximum satisfaction to our customers by responding to our customers' needs through the wide range of fields in the Internet business.

To do this, we must not be held back by stereotypes and limited business ranges, but always maintain an entrepreneurial spirit to seek possibilities in new fields, and continually challenge to evolve business and be supported by our customers as number one in the market.

Representative Director Daisuke Sekine